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Return Policy

  • For customer who purchase online, product can only be returned to MARICAN HQ. Return and refund to MARICAN RETAIL STORE will NOT be accepted. 
  • For customer who purchase at MARICAN RETAIL STORE, product can only be returned to the original retail store. Return and refund to MARICAN HQ will NOT be accepted. 


  • Customer who wishes to return product(s) after purchased, he/she shall do so within 7 days from the date of purchase (West Malaysia) and 10 days from the date of purchase (East Malaysia)through requesting with Customer Service Officer at Messenger.
  • Customer shall bear the freight charge (if any) on returning product(s) and be responsible for the safe delivery of the product(s). We do not guarantee that we will receive your return product(s).
  • Refund does not apply to customization order i.e. engraving, resizing etc.
  • Order(s) purchase with promotion code cannot be refunded.
  • Returning of product(s) will be eligible if it is listed under the valid return reasons.
  • Customer who requests the return must provide
    • Unboxing video which shows the product problem.
    • Order invoice / receipt
  • The return request has to be investigated within 1-3 working days and approved by operation manager before sending back to MARICAN. 
  • Once return request is approved, the return product(s) must remain its
    • Original condition and tag intact
    • Original packing [packaging(s) must be returned]
    • It must be unaltered, and the weight must be same as purchased
  • You shall fill up a return/refund form provided by with Customer Service Officer after return product(s) shipped.  
  • MARICAN will validate the return product(s) within 1-5 working after receiving the parcel. 
  • If the return is successfully validated after quality inspection, we will make the refund your e-wallet. Refund in the form of credit into wallet are not exchangeable to cash. 
  • MARICAN reserves the right to amend this policy at any time without prior notice. 

List of Valid Return Reasons:

  • Please note that returns maybe rejected when the request does not comply our return policy or return under wrong return reason.


Product isn’t matching with the product description

Incomplete product

Product is damaged and defective

Size is not fit

Customer does not receive product

  • *Special case: If customer encounters detachment of jewellery accessories (e.g.: stone fallen, pearls detached), customer will be offered to
    • Repair the product for free; or
    • Accept 80% e-wallet refund from the purchase invoice price

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